Leo Karuk

Tall, Curvy and Amazonian like


Leo has golden eyes, dark skin and dark hair. She lives in Folami, the second largest city in Santolon. Leo bears the tattoo of the Death guard. Leo has great markings from her left shoulder to her right hip down by Mawri, the Diviner tattooist. The sit like a sash or a weapon belt, because she bears great loads.

Leo is the hyper middle child. She watches and then acts, has a calm demeanor and is use to being a support to the rest of the family. Her duty to her people has been ingrained since birth.
I am a Death Giver and Warrior Ambassador. I have been groomed to be the face of the Death Guard (the group of Death Givers) for diplomatic reasons. I am of the strongest in my entering platoon (?) and show great skill at combat. I am seen as someone who excels in all four directions of the self and am a “good” face. As a Karuk there is a heavy expectation on my ability to prosper as a warrior.
The death givers help people to the other side to the City of the Dead. We are both counselors and assisted suicide technicians. We get to know people in our society and region intensely to help solidify them and their ancestors in the City Of the Dead. We also will dole out mercy and necessary killings-but very rarely.
Praying and training is the start of my day. I meditate on the faces of the souls whom I have gifted with death. This helps them keep alive in the after math. After that is training and overseeing the captains of the different platoons and walking the whole of Folami and visiting upon people. The rest of the day is spent in temple, training, and gathering when in season or is task driven. I am often called to Sunspire for apprenticing my uncle Bahati. He is the Death Giver for the royal family. My evenings are often spent at temple holding family dinners. I have a hard time sleeping and often walk the jungle because I find the sounds soothing.
In a group I am ceremonious, a good diplomat, I have a calming nature. I am a trained warrior, very athletic and very skillful physically. However, my religon is my main focus and while I serve my people in a physical capacity (all able should serve) I am being
groomed for a religious centered position amongst my people.
My most treasured memory is the first soul I gifted with Death. Kari Abente. She was an elder with little family as she had served as a Shaman. When I took her soul her body glowed a beautiful blue like I have never seen before. I cried as she went and my father was so proud of me. She visits me often in my dreams.
My most treasured possession is my necklace that was shaped into a Hellbore blossom that my father gave me.
I am dexterous. People in training had a hard time keeping me pinned, stuck, or blocked in.
My greatest passion is my people, my family, and helping. I am also a gifted story teller. I am entranced by the idea of books from other lands.
I love rice, beans, and cooked monkey. My favorite drink is coffee.
The mystical electric deep indigo from my memory of Kari passing is my favorite color
I am very comfortable socially. I am not introverted and have been taught as Death Giver to let others speak so that they divulge to me and become more solid in my mind. This is how I keep memory for my people.
Killing is my job. I have killed a hundred and one of those was a mercy killing. I released the soul of a man with a sickness that caused him and others in society great harm. I have caught several birds and big cats.
I am in awe of Matra users. I am curious about my birthright having some magical skill but have been taught to focus on the strengths that have presented early on. My society reveres them. They are few and far between.
My dream is to do well for my people, to keep them alive and thriving both here and in the city of the dead. I miss my Grandfather Bakari deeply and cannot wait till I see him and Kari again. I see myself eventually as the royal Death Giver.
Devout is a drop in a bucket next to what I feel for my faith, I live and breath the Aeternam and Santolonian way. My culture is beautiful to me and brings me peace. I visit my souls in my mind for comfort through prayer and ceremony.
I could stare into the stars for hours without blinking. To reflect, to meditate, is to open doorways. My father tells the story that as a child, playing hide and seek in the Sunspire market-place while he visited the royal family, my siblings and I took turns playing a game of tag. Instead of out and out chasing my brother, who was the last to be “captured” I waited behind a fruit table for over an hour, lying in wait as I knew he would snatch an orange on his way back to base. When my hand closed around his ankle he was so startled that we toppled the pyramid of fruit and the merchant began shouting at us till my father and uncle came to pay for the damaged fruit. When father heard what happened he was so surprised at my tactics that he forgot to be mad. I also could often be found perched on ledges and the roof of our home, because, as Grandfather Bahati says, I have never feared the fall. He also said that only one kissed by the gods would feel the certainty that I showed in my tasks and dedication. When he said this, I did not know I was an Aasimar, but he must have. When I was fifteen I traveled with my father to watch the champions and was seated next to Archduke Tal’Diel, asking probing questions and listening so intently that he seemed very pleased with himself and talked to me the entire time. The Archduke left the games with a springy step and enthusiastically shook Princess Ofelia’s hand. The Archduke had been particularly difficult for Ofelia to stomach and she was relieved to not have to interact with him so intently as he required a lot of affirming attention. (Not afraid of death, so very courageous and am a “doer”. I am benevolent and calm and it is my job to have words of encouragement and be diplomatic. I am great socially in a very calm way. Not hyper or loud.) I often speak in metaphors that might seem strange or whimsical to my foreign peers.
Common mantras of my people are: Those who do not see the joy and wealth of social connection are fools. Those who have no one else need society and our leaders more than anyone. Everyone has a place. To serve is to live. Excel. In all things.
I am resentful and prejudiced towards The Pantheon which in a bad mood can cause for condescension in more relaxed settings. It can cause sarcastic comments. I also can be a bit dreamy and metaphorical (which political figures take as a beautiful show of culture and tradition) and can be confusing and annoying to a task driven group of foreigners.
I am attending as an ambassador, to support my brother, and as part of the guard. As a death giver I also am a banner holder this year.


Leo was/is the youngest death giver to ever exist in the history of Folami, and Santolon. When Leo was ten there was a great rumbling in the jungle, and out came the legendary T-Rex, Higantor, later slain by the Princess Ofelia. However, it came upon Folami during mid day and trampled through the apothecaries market. There were dozens killed and maimed. She has a brief memory of her father snatching a toddling Kavai out of the beasts path just as his foot came down right where Kavai had been. It trampled in from the east and out to the west, right through the middle of the city, destroying many houses, a large corner of the apothecaries market, and the bedchambers of House Karuk. Their home in shambles, the childrens possessions all destroyed, and the city in grief and destruction, and the Karuk came through and yet again proved themselves truly loyal to the people of Folami and Santolon. Knowing the great beast was headed west in the same direction of Amonrai (the city from which House of The Sixes resides) he sent Mekari, his pet Albatross with a message warning the city of incoming danger. He noted the bloody footprints of the monster and realized that he must have hit Sunspire first. As he knelt and gave aid to the wounded and delved out orders he divided the teams he had assembled and assigned to move the dead, fetch water, and gather salves, into two one that would stay and serve Folami, and a small diverse envoy armed with salves, and supplies that would go north to Sunspire. As it turned out this was wise as Sunspire had been devastated by the beast and had no where near as robust of apothecary supplies as Folami. He called Bahati to assemble Death Givers to help all the of the families and souls who would be unexpectedly thrust into the position of needing ritual without the support of supplies. Urok and Leo had been comforting and running supplies and seeing to the dead; when Baku saw this he called the children over. He explained that there was not enough people able to help the families prepare their loved ones and that the situation meant that people had died in a manner that was lost among the chaos. This meant many souls were at stake and would need extra bodies to get all the ritual and ceremonial work done that was required. And thus Leo and Urok entered the death givers much earlier than expected.
No member of House Karuk slept for days as they moved about the city, when families could not afford the Karuk’s paid, when there was no bread at their table they ate with the Karuk, when there was no solace the Karuk endured with them. After the great procession of ceremonies and the dead had been counted, honored, and guided to the banks of the City of the Dead, the reconstruction began, and continued much at the expense and sweat of the Karuk. The last building to be repaired was the Karuk Villa.
Leo remembers all the death, destruction, and exhaustion of that time of her life. She remembers the hard ground at night, the rumble for food in her stomach that sometimes was not answered for days, and the smell of her own sweat and blood as she had one tunic and robe to wear, having lost everything with her home.
This experience caused Leo to truly understand the importance of the cultural ties to her people, her religion and Santolon. While this event cemented Baku as a truly devout son of Santolon, the other cities showed gratitude and shared their supplies and workforce to help rebuild. The Princess had experience the loss of her childhood governess who had evolved into her advisor as time had passed and thus leaned on the Karuk to fill the void while Santalon settled. For Leo, this show of community had a dark twist, because if the dinosaur could devastate so quickly, what else could?
House Karuk:
The Karuk are distant cousins of The Icte. They have been in power in the city of Folami since time immemorial. However, legends have it that Jabari Karuk, a great Death Giver and gentle teacher to the young in the city, was traveling through the jungle and heard a quiet mewling. Looking under fallen branches he found a baby jaguar, with a broken wing. He took the great cat to his hut and and set the wing. Feeding it his goats milk and rubbing aloe into the wounds he nursed the kitten. After ensuring the brace he had constructed would keep as a brace he returned to the jungle with kitten. In the place he found it sat a large female Jaguar, sitting motionless with its yellow eyes fixed on Jabari. He released to the kitten which returned to its mother, growling and licking. The jaguar took the kittens nape into its mouth and stretched its front legs out, bowing low to Jabari, and then ran off into the jungle. Three years later while gathering roots at the edge of the city Jabari looked up to see a young adult jaguar watching him. Its wings folded and beating silently against its back. Suddenly it shifted into a young beautiful woman with a long scar running down her arm. This woman would be Imani, Jabari Karuk’s bride. The people took this news easily and accepted Imani as their own. Jabari taught her the ways of the Aeternam, and could out throw any man in the city when it came to spears, and outrun all the youth training for the trials. Jabari and Imani’s children would all grow to be strong Death Givers, Shaman and/or champions of the trials. The Death Giver and Woman Warrior made natural leaders of the people. It is said that the Karuk alone can extract the lotus flower from the depths of the jungle without harassment of the jungles cats and serpents.
Jabrai and Imani’s children were tall, dark, with markedly golden eyes. All were physically gifted like their mother and stealthy. Their daughter Ekene would start the first Santolonian guard, that would grow in its training and dedication so that by the time of the Empire of Daldonado they were a disciplined and large group. These are the people that the Karuk of the modern age are descended from. The people say that Imani was the jungles gift to the Death Giver for being keeper and caretaker of the land and its souls. By gifting a daughter of the jungle it intertwined the soul of Imani’s mother and the soul of the jungle into the memory of the Santolonian people.
The Karuk are strong in the four directions, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. They regularly produce Death Givers and champions of legend and work to keep the three major houses unified and the people served. When Kuali Icte was in power his boyhood friend, Ayo Karuk was his lead advisor, living his days out in Sunspire, never marrying. He dedicated his time and energy to helping Kuali, and the Santolonian people, succeed. It is said he performed the ruler’s death ceremony himself.
The Karuk are hyper socially driven and raise their children with a heavy commitment to tradition and culture. Folami’s ruling house lives in a sprawling open villa in the center of the city. A wing of their estate is dedicated to Death Givers, who mentor from the age they can walk. They study for other positions within society as well, under the ideology that a spiritual center makes for the best leaders, champions, hunters and warriors. The walls of the main hall are painted with the City of the Dead, depicting great winged Jaguar statues at the gate of the city. Families come and paint their loved ones into the city when they pass. However, the city seems to change and grow without any artist being able to make claims for the changes.
My Family:
My parents are Baku Karuk , leader of the House, and Haji (Icte) Karuk. Baku is a markedly peacful and traditional man and Champion of his time. Baku is mixed race of human and more than half half elf. Haji is a third cousin to the princess and is a human.
Calisto Karuk 25:my sister is set to be a great apothecary and is so peaceful that a life among herbs, plants, and gathering is meant for her. She shepards young mothers and doctors the sick. Embene Karuk 23, he is set to be a great Champion and is already a great hunter. Kavai Karuk, 10 she is my baby sister and has strength in her ability to make things. She is already a great beauty and Baku sees her becoming a great smith and sends her with me often to Sunspire. Ofelia seems to favor her and finds joy in her constant singing. Embene believes he will be the next ruler of Karuk, my father does not disavow him of this but always pushes me into roles that are more suited as the face of the household. My family sees me as special and I am expected to act older than my older siblings.
My love interest is Urok Bahati. He is a great Death Giver and Soldier. Urok is strong, silent, and mysterious with dark skin, dark hair, and currently serves on the Sunspire Imperial Guard (royal families watch).
Recently, Baku finds his middle daughter a bit twitchy, and at times has a fleeting look in her eyes of panic.

Leo Karuk

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