Grennouille; the frog

Goupil-Renard; the fox

The princess

The queen

The king

The dragon

The bear

The wolf

The serpent

The lion, Leonine

The monkey

The throne

The sword

The crown

The scythe

The ox

The horse

The mermaid

The kraken

The beholder

The angel vs the devil

The sphinx

The griffon

dwayne the roc

The Djin

The lantern

The bottle

The archer

The warrior

The knight

The minstrel

The priest

The jester

The crook

The harlot

The beast

The watchtower

The clover

The vine

The willow

The mushroom

The ship

The harp

The violin

The flute

The mutton

The mug

The mango

The gem

The coin

The comrades

The unicorn; FRANDSHIP

The wanderer; symbolizes adventure

The zodiacs?


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